Millions of people all over the world work day in and day out to promote peace, most of them without official recognition or publicity.

For example Maggy Barankitse in Burundi who saved thousands of children’s lives during the massacres of the civil war in the 1990‘s and gave them a future.

Or the story of Naseeb Mohammad Shaikh in the Indian state of Gujarat. Her husband, her daughter as well as more than twenty of her relatives were murdered during the communal riots in 2002. Now she goes from village to village and encourages the former protagonists to forget their hate and live together in peace for a better future.

Or Ellen Barry who has been revealing human rights violations in US-American prisons for more than 30 years. She restlessly fights for prisoner’s and their children’s rights.

In Israel, the film accompanies the Psychiatrist Ruchama Marton and her mobile clinic during its operations on the other side of the Israeli wall. With her consequent fight for Palestinian’s and Beduin’s rights, she is often misunderstood in her own country.

On the other side, in the occupied territories of the West Bank, the Palestinian rural woman Nafeesa Al Dek goes her own ways to promote peace. She found a market for old handicrafts and trains women from her village who lost their land and their livelihood during the difficult time of isolation. Her house has also become a centre for the children, whose education is very important to Nafeesa.

All these women are part of an extraordinary project: They were jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 – together with 995 other women from all over the world.

The initiative for the project „1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize“ came from the Swiss member of parliament Ruth-Gaby Vermot. The documentary film shows exclusively, how this bold idea became a global project and introduces some of these courageous women and their promoting projects.

The 1000 women have not received the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 – the committee has decided to give it to the International Atom Energy Agency and to their director Mohamed El Baradei.

The initiators and the 1000 women were very disappointed – but even without a prize, one important goal has been achieved: The involvement of women like Maggy, Naseeb, Ellen, Ruchama or Nafeesa has become visible. This film, an exhibition and a book carry the biographies and stories of the 1000 peace women all over the globe.


Film Title:1000 Women and a Dream

Duration: 55m24s

Original Format: Betacam digital, 16 : 9

Language versions: English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

Script and Direction: Gabriela Neuhaus and Angelo Scudeletti

Camera: Angelo Scudeletti 

Sound: Sandra Blumati, Rolf Büttikofer

Editors: Jakob Nägeli, Gabriela Neuhaus

Narrator: Renata Cosby 

Music: Tiberio Bergamo

Producer: Offroad Reports GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

Co-Producer: Swiss Television SF, Pacte de l’audiovisuel

Copyright and Distribution worldwide: Offroad Reports GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland ©2005

Website: www.1000womenfilm.ch